Empower your Training Membership by Merinda Smith

Hi I'm Merinda

I created this ultimate Empower your Training Club to help RTO Trainers like you to be the best YOU, and to navigate the world of training in the Vocational sector. This really is Professional Development, and mindset WITHOUT leaving your computer.

You can learn about using NLP in the classroom, the latest from Neuroscience and Learning, and everything in between. Interviews with experts on designing and  being the best you can be.

This information comes from years of training experience. in the beginning of my journey I started reading book after book…practising, failing, getting up and trying again and again. I taught myself, whilst watching others; viewing and analysing experts. I read, studied and viewed anything I could get my hands on…I wanted to know WHAT the best trainers were doing that made them SO good…
So I've spent over 20 years researching golden nuggets on how the most elite trainers did it. I've studied the science behind effective learning and of course applied techniques over the years figuring out through trial and error! 

The club is full of ways to improve, allowing you to learn faster then I did. The content is added to regularly, we have interviews recorded, live Q and A, updated documents and videos. Videos from people sharing best practice techniques. 

Mindset is an area that I know helps you to improve, and I delve into it regularly. Expect the best without the overwhelm.  

Empower your Training Membership

Are you looking for a safe space to share the good, bad, and ugly about being a trainer? A space that provides valuable tips and tricks to help you gain your trust and respect? Looking for a supportive group of other trainers who just "get it"? 

We hear you loud and clear. So we created a membership portal that supports YOU. 

Whether you need to cover Professional development, or you just want to improve YOU; we've got you covered. 

The Empower Your Training membership is for you.

This programme will work if you:
  • wish to build your Training capability and expertise
  • need learning to align with business outcomes 
  • want to grow and be the best YOU
  • need professional development and compliance tips
  • want to future proof your career
  • are looking for support from other like minded trainers  
Our mission is to elevate our industry's reputation, credibility and image. Join us to become part of the leading network committed to assisting the training industry today to create a better future tomorrow!

Resource Library

Get access to an extensive vault of masterclasses and keynotes from guest experts. These videos put expert tactics, strategies, and mindset-shifting information at your fingertips, so you can learn what you need, when you need it.
Constantly being updated to support your current needs. 

Tools to Empower your Training

Upgrade your skills through: 
  • Online learning vault
  • Monthly Peer sharing and coaching
  • Regular Blogs and Vlogs  
  • Each month, Merinda shares a new set of tips to help you clear mental blocks that are keeping you stuck in place.
  • PLUS Members are offered first to any of Merinda's limited-enrolment programs or other offerings.

Why mindset?

Mindset helps us all in everyday, whether we are in training or supporting the team. It all starts with you. 
Most of our stress comes from the way we respond.
Not the way life actually is. You have the capacity to change, to adjust the way you speak, you think.

We can choose to withdraw and cancel things, or we can ask how I can show up, how can serve our community. It is about our mindset. 

So as it helps you with life and work, it is super important we include it in the membership. 

Tell me if any of this resonates with you...

  • You've tried watching videos on YouTube to learn how to improve your training skills, but you feel like you're getting nowhere
  • You may have invested in a Kindle book, Udemy course, or other resource for learning ways to build rapport and really get your message across, but these resources were too long, too confusing, and/or didn't really give a clear step by step plan (adding to your frustration)
  • You've given other ways a try (such as conferences or one day workshops) but you get excited and ready to implement when you are there, then totally forget everything you heard once back in the office. 
  • You've just done your inital training course and now feel lost, overwhelmed, and/or don't even know where to begin to get help
  • You're a contractor or employee who is ready to understand how you can improve and keep up-to-date
  • You're looking for self-paced, digital support
If you said "yes" to any of the above, then you're in the right place!

This membership package is just for you. 

Get Access NOW

Success stories


  • What makes an impactful introduction?
  • How can NLP help me in the workshop? 
  • How can Neuroscience Improve Training sessions?
  • How to make learning more effective
  • Ways to build rapport

If you’ve always wanted to have easy access to professional development that ultimately…

  • Increases your credibility as a trainer 
  • Grows your knowledge and skills
  • Improves your mindset, your business and ultimately your life
  • Have your own online 24/7 portal
  • Avoid paying at least $1,000 to attend a conference PLUS your airfare and accommodation costs (and thus better invest your funds)
  • Have that sense of accomplishment in  knowing that you achieve personal milestones 
... then this membership site is for you!

On the other hand, it's probably not the right place for you if you're closed-minded (we are a very inclusive, welcoming space), you're all about shaming and blaming others to make yourself feel better, or are stretched so thin that you know you'll never take advantage of the amazing features or community.
That's OK, we get that. 

You deserve to feel powerful as a trainer

As a certified business and mindset coach & RTO Mentor, Merinda Smith helps her clients play a bigger more fulfilling game.

Learn more at rtomentor.com.au