RTO Set-up Questions Answered FAQ by Merinda Smith

RTO Set-up Questions Answered FAQ

You could be running your own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and more than doubling the size of your current business income. This E-Book will show you how to make it happen!

Lets look at the 3 Biggest Problems Faced by people considering setting up an RTO….

Watch this video to find out how Merinda explains the real costs, timeframe and what you MUST know.
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Let me ask you some questions:

Do you believe that the service you provide is BEST suited to having your own RTO?  

Do you have a special training solution, where you can dominate your market? 

Are you passionate about the training you deliver, and the impact it will make, and you’re not just in the market to get the government hand-outs? 

If you answered YES to those questions, then I’m here to guide you. 

I’m suspecting you know the market is there for your training, but the thought of setting it up and understanding ALL of the compliance is too hard. 

This video will provide the most important information and ask you the most essential questions to help you reach your goal of becoming an RTO.

Merinda always says “I want to make this clear. The opportunity of becoming your own RTO is NOT for everyone.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort to make this opportunity work, to reap the rewards over time. Understanding the compliance can be hard, so you WILL need someone to guide you. 

Yet the rewards are there...RTO Mentor has worked with many individuals who after becoming an RTO, their profit and students have increased by 300%.”

If you are serious about creating new results as an RTO, then please take the time to read this report.