RTO Success Online Training to set up your RTO by Merinda Smith

RTO Success Online Training to set up your RTO

The most economical path to a successful RTO business,  having the benefit of years of experience right in an online course for you. A course that gives you the tools, strategies and guidance that puts you on the fast track to getting your RTO results. Discover and master the knowledge and skills, so that you can get paid more, and provide for you and your family. 

Have YOUR own RTO - where you can make the decisions. Where you set up the systems your way, so that they meet your needs (and your clients). Ultimately it is YOUR business, and YOU reap the rewards

Everything you need to know about setting-up your RTO masterfully crafted into this online course. 

Save time resources and frustration with Merinda’s unique approach to implementing proven methods for developing the resources for the initial application, audit and beyond. Merinda guides you through every aspect of your RTO set-up, providing skills to help you when the doors are opened, and most importantly, ways to get you across the accreditation line. She has combined her practical RTO management experience and expert knowledge of compliance into the RTO Success course. Learn quickly and expertly how to win the auditors confidence and enable you to run your successful training business.

The RTO Success can transform your results.

Why Join us with your RTO journey

You are free to work on your RTO development in your pyjamas at home, or from a hammock on a tropical island. Provided there is reliable internet and you have a good computer, you can work wherever you want and at whatever time you like throughout the day. As long as the job is done well, you have the freedom to create a schedule for working on your RTO that gives you a perfect work-life balance.

Who this course is for?

If you’ve always wanted to…
  • Develop your own RTO in the timeframe that suits you, not when a consultant says you have to…
  • Learn how to understand what is needed to pass the audit, and know why, and
  • Work from wherever you like, be that home, the beach or at work
…then this course is for you!
 In undertaking the RTO Success online course you need to be able to self-motivate and work productively alone.
RTO Mentor is looking for professional, A-players who are not just passionate about their business and setting up an RTO that is compliant but passionate about their role and understanding of it in the RTO. We’re looking for innovative and proactive people who want to be part of our journey for a long time.
When this course is NOT For you 
RTO Mentor is definitely not looking for people wanting for a short-term fix or seeking to have someone do all the work for them. These businesses are not for someone who can’t commit, communicate well and create independently.
What’s Included 
In this 12 module program, I’ve included everything I know about meeting compliance, and provided it in bite size chunks. Each chunk is suitable for actioning and provides you with ideas, and examples that guide you on how to meet compliance.

Each module comes to you weekly - so that you don't get overwhelmed. You can access everything over and over - BUT we don't want you to jump in too deep, and then get stressed. Therefore we've made it really simple and we'll guide you through the NEXT steps to take. 

You'll receive everything you need to know about running your RTO and meeting compliance including:
  • Looking at your specific RTO goals and putting in the foundations
  • A step-by-step strategy to write your Business Plan, and TAS
  • A proven system to understand the business and law for the RTO
  • How to manage your systems, the back office of the RTO
  • A step-by-step strategy for training and getting your assessments right
  • Proven systems for marketing and attracting students
  • Looking at how to meet the trainers and assessors needs for registration  
  • How to prepare everything for your students along their journey with you and your training 
  • Step-by-step tools to meet compliance beyond the initial audit 

RTO Success online course to set up an RTO is now open, and I invite you to enrol today!

RTO Success Online Training to set up your RTO

Buy the complete course in two easy ways - once off, or 2 payments. Either way; you commence straight away.  

Why Work with Merinda Smith

Merinda Smith is the author of the RTO Success, founder of RTO Mentor and head mentor. She began her journey many moons ago as a trainer, then progressed to senior management roles, and finally starting her own consultancy in 2009.
Since then Merinda has mentored thousands of people on how to turn their RTO into a profitable and compliant business. Today Merinda helps people set up their own RTO through her online course, and other proven methods.

In purchasing this online course you also recieve 5 regular mentoring sessions online. You get to personally work with Merinda in the first 3 months of purchase. If this is something you'd like to take up, then we talk about that once your in, and work out a schedule that fits with you.  
RTO Success online course has a proven track record of results, in setting up RTO's.

Freedom to Work Your Way

Here at RTO Mentor we expect you to be a grownup, so we don’t micro-manage or play the role of the helicopter parent. We provide you the guidance and the tools, and we expect you to get your job done right and done well. Whilst we check for compliance we’ll leave you to get on with it in whatever way you know works for you. If you respect our way of doing things, we’ll respect yours. Creativity and innovation are rewarded so we love it when people take the initiative to come up with exciting new ways to improve and enhance the RTO business.

What others say...

Merinda was very approachable and we found her consultations were very useful. I was looking for an RTO consultant and found RTO Mentor. 

Merinda was very approachable and found her consultations were very useful, and full of explainations that made sense. I gained a lot of knowledge from her and we passed audit following her consultations. 

It's a pleasure dealing with RTO Mentor
Thanks (ASQA RTO)
Belinda (NSW)
Merinda is supportive and encouraging
"Merinda is supportive and encouraging, displaying a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. She draws upon considerable experience working for and consulting to RTOs, and willingly shares her experience with her clients whilst always maintaining appropriate confidentiality. I recommend Merinda to others seeking quality information." Following the annual internal audits, this RTO passed their Re-registration audit straight away. National RTO - ASQA
Jeremy (ASQA RTO)
Setting up a fully-compliant best-practice RTO is not an easy undertaking – and as a remote, Indigenous-focused RTO we were expecting our first audit to be a complicated process. Luckily we were referred to Merinda Smith and RTO Mentor, and thanks to her efforts we received compliments from the Auditor about our process that are a fantastic endorsement to Merinda’s work, especially as we had added new certificates to our scope just weeks before the audit. 
John, Remote Regional RTO
We highly recommend Merinda Smith and RTO Mentor as the way forward for small RTOs – for her solution-focussed positive approach and the wide range of compliance and process skills she has to offer. Overall, it’s a pleasure dealing with RTO Mentor and we appreciate how much time and effort we have saved by getting things right the first time.